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Servis Plus, Ltd. is a dynamically developing corporation that continues in family traditions of trading non-ferrous scrap in the Slovak and European market. The main line of Servis Plus business is intermedation of trading between our suppliers and companies which we represent. Our vision is to assure the mutual satisfaction and constant communication with our trading partners related to market trends.

The Servis Plus, Ltd. has gradually extended its own activities in setting up a new plant with separating, buying and assessing material following defined metallurgical classifications. The company is mostly oriented to Aluminium,, Stainless steel, Zinc and Sintered carbide. At same time we buy other scrap. These commodities are sold to a final user. The priority of Servis Plus, Ltd. is the quality of processing scrap that is achieved by the specialized knowledge of our employees. Another important factor of all our activities is to be environmentally friendly; in this regard we use only equipment and technology which satisfy the strictest ecological criteria.

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